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[DIR]MeteorGIS/2019-11-02 01:56 - Excellent tool from C. Marchand for creating projected and composites images received from Meteor-M satellites (redirection to official website)
[DIR]WXtoImg/2018-08-03 09:02 - Software to decode APT (images) and WEFAX signals from weather satellites
[   ]GDAL_Data.zip2016-06-02 13:27 287KCSV files needed by some programs to make geo referenced images (like msuproj)
[   ]LrptImageProcessor.zip2016-05-31 19:02 504KZIP compressed archive
[   ]M2-2 Telemetry.rar2019-10-23 11:39 761KRAR compressed archive
[   ]Meteor_Pack_20170108.zip2017-01-08 17:32 22MZIP compressed archive
[   ]msuproj_1.0.1-3_win32_msvc1900_i386.exe2016-04-06 11:23 24MTool for creating geo referenced images, 32-bits version
[   ]msuproj_1.0.1-3_win64_msvc1900_amd64.exe2016-04-06 11:24 26MTool for creating geo referenced images, 64-bits version
[   ]Smooth_Meteor.zip2016-05-31 19:01 914KMeteor M-N1/2 images tool: stretch for more realistic perspective, flip for northbound passes, etc

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